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I Feel, Therefore I Am

Our first mission is to create
the damn best merge game in the world.

Culture matters the most

We really take this seriously. So we have 50+ pages describing our culture. 

And yes, we are proud of our culture. 🙂

Our culture is the result of our own experiences, insights and beliefs. It is not a phrase saying, it’s an experienced culture that we feel.

To clearly formulate our own culture is a big step. To actually live it is one of the most important and difficult challenges in a company. So let’s live it; if most valuable is achieved through the most difficult, we will do it.

We are convinced of


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Prince Elliot




Prince Adrian





Madame Esmae


King Howard








The ground on which we run

We love people

We love to see happy people. For this, we create emotions. Emotions mean happiness and liveliness. Our way of achieving this goal are emotional mobile games.

Grow every day

We want to be a world-class place and environment for you to grow. In your soft and hard skills. Everyone gets a little better every day.

Radical Transparency

We are totally transparent. We speak openly, show results openly, and admit when we have made mistakes ourselves. With transparency, everything is so much faster.

Only Mobile

We only create games for mobile devices. Our goal is to see happy people. The more people we can make happy, the happier we are. With games on mobile devices, we can reach most players. And inspire them with our games.


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hours of deep thinking


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Newly developed habits

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